Synergy FC is an elite Futsal club dedicated to continuous competition and training.  In fact, Synergy FC is the first accredited Futsal program in the metro affiliated with the USYF (United States Youth Futsal) organization. The USYF is the largest, most recognized, and certainly the most organized Futsal organization in the United States. For information about USYF visit or like USYF on Facebook.

Synergy FC’s primary goal is to make Futsal accessible to all kids by offering Futsal opportunities, competition, and training, the community has never experienced before.  Synergy FC’s investors and board members do not receive one penny for their efforts. This program is the first Futsal program in the state of Oklahoma to funnel all income (excluding coaching and overhead expenses), donations and sponsorship into a scholarship program - “Kids with goals”. We are a community and kids first program.





Synergy FC’s doors are always open during training. What this means is, from time to time we may have free open selections, free tryouts,  open house, and are always committed to letting families and players come in for 1 free evaluation. We run a year long program and fully support all outdoor programs. Outdoor will always take precedence and we understand there are around 11 to 12 weekends where there could be conflicts due to outdoor events.

We have no contracts as we believe in what our program delivers. Every age group we provide for has its own training session with a “team centric” approach, with 14 players max to a session. If the demand is higher for a specific age group, we will start another 14 player slot. If the slot is not big enough, we will combine with another age group until numbers fall into place for the next slot to open. This structure provides a continued pattern of competition among the players.

Come tournament time there should be no surprises. One week before all tournaments, the coaches will select 10 players to compete at a specific tournament. Again this could change week to week, tournament to tournament. Not everyone will always be on their game, however if a player has made tremendous strides the coaches want to reward the additional hard work, attendance, or other contributing factors.

The purpose of the competitive training is to prepare players for a higher level of play and strive to be ready at any given moment, which is similar to college or professional play.  At Synergy FC, this instills the utmost advantage as kids will be more likely to come to practice ready to train and develop. By being transparent, we want you, the parents, to support your children and guide them in a direction similar to what they may face later in life. If they need to work harder, encourage them. If they had a bad day, build them up. If you as the parent want to know where your child’s strength and weaknesses are and want honest feedback, our coaches are approachable and are there to help.


How we



Step 1. Schedule, contact, or visit us for evaluation (Age group times for team sessions are located on OKC Futsal Facebook page and soon to be released on website  

Step 2. Receive invitation in person, via phone, or email.  

Step 3. Register – Price is $70.00 a month for 8 hours of training per month.

Step 4. Register with USYF through on our website for USYF Membership (one time charge of $13.50 for the year)

Step 5. You are added to the team

Step 6. Have fun!!!