Private Training

At Synergy Futsal we want our players to experience different coaching and playing styles. During practice coaches have to train the team and focus on the group to keep the level of training high. Private Training gives a player specific instruction tailored to their individual needs. Individual Training is NOT Synergy Futsal and is a separate business depending on the trainer. Below we will have the coaches that do individual sessions.



Adrian Ables

There’s a couple options you could do for sessions. I’ve played all levels of soccer and just recently stopped playing pro. I have coached all ages and develop a strict regimen predicated on each players growth. I also give them structure outside of lessons in the form of homework. The homework are exercises and drills that will dramatically improve a players skill the more they do it at home.

Private sessions work really well for skill development and I tailor the sessions to skills they need to improve most. I always give information overload to the players during my sessions in the form of terminology, technique, or soccer IQ. I also become a resource for parents and players to ask questions. Many parents support their soccer player while juggling a household and other sports. Some of my clients do sessions every week, twice a month, or once a month.  It all is at your convenience and availability. 

I decide my schedule every Sunday on a first come first serve basis. I primarily operate in Norman due to me coaching a team there. Availability is limited and my number of sessions depends on my schedule each week.

Please email for inquiries.