The Kids with goals is OKC Futsal’s scholarship program providing life-changing opportunities to low-income children who would not normally receive a pathway to specialized futsal training. OKC Futsal offers scholarship help to children in all age group team training sessions we offer, with an emphasis on lower-income Oklahoma families.  Players and families have more affordable futsal development options with accredited futsal programs through our scholarships.  Participating donors are eligible for Oklahoma tax credits, and charitable contribution deductions when taxpayers itemize their deductions.

Our program accommodates families with special financial challenges and younger futsal players with a helping hand.

Explore our website at www.okcfutsal.club and discover how you may benefit from this innovative program.

BENEFITS for Donors

Oklahoma is one of 18 states with a tax-credit scholarship program. Under Oklahoma’s program, a tax credit of 50 percent is offered for donations to a scholarship granting organization, or SGO, and a 75 percent tax credit for equal amounts pledged for two consecutive years.  Income tax credits are capped at $100,000 for qualified business entities, $2,000 for taxpayers filing a joint tax return and $1,000 for individual tax filers.

Tax-credit scholarships save Oklahoma money.  Considering the state’s share of per pupil expenditures, the fiscal return to the state is $1.51 saved for every $1 in tax credits issued. Most importantly, you are given back to your community and children. 

BENEFITS for the Children

The Kids with goals program offers any player which qualifies an opportunity to become a part of the futsal action. If a child needs an extra hand with equipment, monthly club dues, uniforms, and additional expenses related to our program, we can help. This allows all children interested in developing in the sport of futsal no boundaries. With Kids with goals in place, this allows players who are seeking to reach goals an opportunity to compete at the highest level while developing in the sport. This includes but is not limited to, training, leagues, in and out of state tournaments, and additional opportunities that may come their way. 

How does one qualify? 

Apply. It’s easy. Simply go www.okcfutsal.club, click on the scholarship tab, then Kids with goals, and fill out the information provided. Our staff will get back with you shortly. 


In order to qualify for a Kids with goals scholarship program, all families will be required to provide financial documentation and meet certain expectations. The children are required to keep a C average or better in academics as well as provide a copy of their report card at semester end. Like practice and games, attendance is very important. Each child will also be reviewed on their attendance record at school.  Showing up is half of the battle. 

Parents- all parents qualifying for Kids with goals will be required from time to time to participate in events as a volunteer. This is a big part. After all, we couldn’t do all of this without you. Parents with limited time and who have trouble volunteering due to work conflicts, we have a place you as well.  Many times throughout the year we will be participating in various fundraisers. If you cannot make an event, maybe this would be one of those times one could use the spare time to invent additional ideas and head fundraiser projects. Every bit helps! 


If you didn’t know or find it on our website. Here at OKC Futsal, all Board Members, Coaches, Staff, and volunteers undergo a FBI background check and must be cleared for duty. This is for your privacy and safety of your children. As a partner with the USYF (United State Youth Futsal) organization, it too is required.  Once an application is submitted, our staff will contact you and make you aware of the results. At all times the results are simply yours and yours only. At no time will OKC Futsal discuss your information with anyone. 

Questions or Concerns

Should you have further questions or concerns about our Kids with goals program, please email us at okcfutsal@gmail.com. We hope you found this information helpful!