Development Academy

Developing the Next Generation

The basic mission and principles remain intact: increased focus on training, meaningful competition and providing a direct connection to U.S. Youth National Team programming.

Synergy FC Development Academy program is driven by the game and its players, coaches and referees. This game-centric approach allows for long-term development to occur through a deep understanding of what makes players successful around the world. As the sport of futsal grows in the United States, young players in our country need the proper environment to compete against the world's elite. The Synergy FC Development Academy program provides the optimum developmental environment for the nation's top youth futsal players, coaches, and referees by emphasizing development through quality training and meaningful competition.


Academy teams spend a greater amount of time focused on training to improve as individuals and as a team. The teams and players receive direct feedback and evaluations from the highest level of coaching and top level staff Team Staff in both training and game environments. Academy teams will be exposed to mental testing using the using a multitude of feedback systems, each athlete gains a greater understanding of how he compares against his peers and what he or she needs to do to achieve their optimal performance levels.

Competitive Environment

The Academy program features teams from the top US youth futsal clubs from around the country. Each Academy team plays approximately 6 or more high level major tournaments to ensure all games are meaningful. Academy players also participate in at least one Region and National Showcases hosted by the largest Futsal Association in the county, USYF. Many of these events are also played and officiated by a pool of the nation's top young referees in order to prepare players for the next level of competition. Members of our Men's National Team Scouting Network regularly attend Academy games, so players are evaluated over the course of the events and in their natural positions allowing for the best player assessment.

Early Success

As Synergy FC Academy program enters its 2nd year, it has already dramatically impacted the player development process in the United States. At the end of 2019, 7 of Synergy FC  players have been involved in The US Youth Futsal National player pool selection and have come from within our Academy program. Currently multiple Outdoor DA programs and college programs use the UDYF Academy program as a scouting vehicle and the program has received increased attention from professional scouts representing domestic and international clubs from Argentina, Spain, Costa Rica, Canada, and others. 

Synergy FC has more to look forward to after a successful 2019 season and its acceptance, as well as its successful relationship with the USYF Academy program. 

Mission of the USYF Academy is

To create environments of learning where youth players are developed tactically, technically, and personally on a local and Regional platform. Our goal is to utilize our Academy’s structure to equip our players with the enthusiasm, courage and skills to overcome their fear of failure, increase their efficiency with the ball, and realize their unlimited potential.

The Academy Program is U.S. Youth Futsal's newest program.  USYF is expecting the program to expand throughout all Regions of the US in 2020-21. This program is offered to players born 2001 - 2011. Academy teams are selected through a tryout process, and players who are selected then attend a year long training program in facilities with USYF standards. Academy Players are coached by the top Futsal coaches in the area. The players have a direct connection to the U.S. Youth Futsal National Staff, allowing them to be seen and invited to I.D. Trials (Regional and National).  USYF Academy Players also receive the unrivaled opportunity to be observed by other coaches (Club and College) in different Showcases.

USYF Accredited Academies


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